West Wall Street

West Wall Street Criteria:
- It is West Wall Street’s goal to highlight Black & Minority owned businesses in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex. This does not include franchisees, multi-level marketingorganizations or independent contractors of a major corporation.
- Membership to Friendship-West does not guarantee a spot in West Wall Street. However,West Wall Street is looking to support as many members that qualify. There will be a certainamount of spots held for members. However, if the applicants do not meet certain criteria itwill be up to the committee to adjust the amount of spots held.
- West Wall Street is opened to all business owners that meet our criteria even if they are not a member.
- The West Wall Street committee’s goal is to select businesses for the event that will beattractive to customers/members. The committee will work to provide businesses that willprovide an immediate transaction and satisfaction for the customer.
- If a business is not selected for an event that does not inhibit them from participating in anyother future West Wall Street events.
- The businesses selected are solely up to the decision of the committee members.
- Food businesses are not permitted to sell seafood items at West Wall Street. It is imperativethat food vendors have their food handlers license, keep their work/cooking areas andcontainers clean, keep food at their proper temperatures, etc.

West Wall Street Business Directory

Why West Wall Street?

1. Economic Justice is one of several areas of focus at Friendship-West. We work to ensure economic institutions are designed based on moral principles that allow individuals to participate in financial markets in a just fashion, earn a living wage, engage in a fair exchange of goods and services, enter contacts, and pursue entrepreneurship. One of our programmatic activities is West Wall Street.
2. We believe in cooperative economics.  In many instances, the under-served communities throughout the United States lack certain businesses and services that are normally found in the more affluent areas of cities. Since this is the case, we believe that there is a need for businesses to work together and share resources much like the African Nations and civilizations did prior to slavery. Following this tradition, we would hope to build up our businesses and network.
3. We are carrying the torch of Black Wall Street in Tulsa, OK. In the early 1900s in the Greenwood neighborhood of Tulsa was one of the wealthiest Black communities in the 20th century. The area was thriving with 600 Black businesses, its own bank and hospital, 20+ restaurants and more. We hope to establish a community in the southern sector of DFW that experiences economic growth and stability for all businesses.
4. The movement is biblically sound. In biblical days everything took place around the Temple. The Temple was essentially the center of community life. We are trying to recreate that in the 21st century.  In doing this we must recognize that Jesus didn’t turn the tables over because they were selling. Jesus turned over the tables because of unjust financial practices (ex. payday loan, charging excessive interests, etc.).

If you have any additional questions please email westwallstreet@friendshipwest.org