Our Church

Senior Pastor

Rev. Dr. Frederick D. Haynes, III


"Equipping Changed People To Change The World"


“Creatively making disciples, while on the cutting edge, making a difference spiritually and socially.” (Matthew 28:16-20 | Luke 4:18-19)


Friendship-West will be a game-changing Christian movement, connecting people to Jesus Christ and fighting for justice, while creating the beloved community.


Making Disciples to Make a Difference (Matthew 28:19-20)

International Partnership

Friendship-West has adopted Emmanuel Baptist Church in Harare, Zimbabwe, to help fund the construction of a worship auditorium, day care center and school. In 2003, Friendship-West launched Emmanuel Care – a hunger relief program designed to help provide food to at least 150 families in Harare, Zimbabwe.


African-American Pastors Coalition
Rainbow PUSH Coalition
The Progressive National Baptist Convention
National Urban League
Celebrating Life Foundation
Dallas Black Chamber of Commerce
For Oak Cliff
And a host of other charities and associations.

Our Facility

The Friendship-West Wheatland location officially opened in 2006. The facility sits on 60 acres of land owned by the church in the southern most part of the Oak Cliff community. This location is not only primarily used as a worship facility but also a conference center which is open for use to members of the community, organizations, events, etc. The building itself is approximately 150,000 square feet and the sanctuary seats a little over 4200 persons.

Once you enter into the sanctuary the Ankh arrests your attention. The Ankh, first created by Africans in Egypt, is known as the original cross. It is defined as the symbolic representation of both Physical and Eternal life. The early Christian Church in Egypt, which eventually became the Coptic Church, adopted the Ankh.  Again, new life and eternal life are articulated by this ancient symbol.

The stained glass windows above the baptistery are powerful messages. The window on the right “the faith that the dark past has taught us.” The window on the left reflects "a way out of no way."

The Pyramids (*Excerpt from Dr. Frederick D. Haynes, III – Wednesday Night Bible Study, 12/28/05)
Pyramids adorn the roof of our facility. Pyramids symbolized new life in ancient Egypt. The Pyramids from our rich African Heritage announces new life for a community that has been long neglected.

A bible, though unseen, has been placed under the pulpit. This reminds us that we are built on the Word of God.