As police brutality continues and this pandemic threatens us all, it's time for us to get our house in order, so even in the midst of this crisis, we'll be better prepared to care for, support, and feed each other. A major part for us involved the relaunch of our Village Coop garden in the Summer of 2020. By doing this, we continue our efforts to address food apartheid in the southern sector.

The Village Co-Op seeks to transform and enrich the lives of small to medium farmers, community residents as well as stimulate a local economy by operating a Farmer’s Market. It is the goal of the Village Co-Op to ensure Dallas citizens have access to fresh locally grown fruits, vegetables, and herbs. In addition, the Village Co-Op will offer an opportunity to teach health and nutrition to youth, children, and adults. It is our hope that all will feel welcome to gather at this space and connect on common goals for the betterment of society.


The Village Co-op Farmers Market

The VCFM provides a venue for small to medium farmers and vendors to bring high-quality, locally grown food and products to our community. Vendors and community residents will be afforded an opportunity to create and cultivate a healthy, sustainable relationship among each other. In addition, a community will have a need met that has gone unfulfilled for a long period of time - access to fresh, responsibly grown foods and quality products.

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