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Civic Engagement

Civic engagement sustains and embraces the capacity of all its members to build a caring and mutually responsible society in which everyone plays a role in economic and social wellbeing. Underrepresentation of groups in the government causes issues faced by groups such as Blacks, low-income, and women groups to be ignored and overlooked.

We actively recruit people to work during election cycles.

Sunday, August 9, 2020

Ride-In For A New Dallas

The purpose of the Ride-In for a New Dallas was to be public and communal response to engage the community in system change to address white supremacy.  Activities were designed to inform participants about the importance of completing the Census survey, registering to vote, participating in Budget Town Hall meetings, and signing up to become poll workers and election judges.  Information was distributed to explain how to complete the 2020 Census form online.   Voter registration cards were available and disseminated to register individuals to vote. Also, participants were surveyed regarding their priorities.

2020 Election & Beyond