The Park Ministry

We serve outside to help people get closer to Christ! We minister from the moment you turn onto one of our Friendship-West campuses during worship services or other events until you get to your ultimate destination.

About Us

At The Park, we provide persons driving with guidance, persons parking with assistance, and persons or families with escorts to facilitate your moving from your cars on the outside to our corridors on the inside. Whenever people pull onto the campus of Friendship-West, our mission is to assist you through our outdoor properties and parking areas so that you move safely and efficiently to your ultimate campus destination.  However, we serve you in such a way that you don’t have to wait to get inside to feel the closeness of our community.  You don’t have to wait until you get to your room to feel warmly welcomed and wanted.  You will feel the love and experience the joy even on the outside because we are lit for Jesus, determined to be the light of the world whatever the weather!

We will do our best as we happily serve staff, members, guest and new visitors into our Beloved community when they enter the Park and join us for service.

How to join

Submit an interest email to: Come to a ministry meeting, take the training session and be ready to serve with a great attitude and have fun.


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