Good News For Those About To Tap Out

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"Good News For Those About To Tap Out"

2 Corinthians 1:8-11 (The Haynes Remix):

"We don’t want you to be clueless, my beloved people, about all the hell and hardship, terror and trauma we went through in Asia; for we were in such crushing circumstances, too much for us to handle, and we gave up and tapped out. Yes, our mental jury came back with the verdict of death. It was over. We were going to be executed. But this caused us to lean on God who has a track record of raising the dead. God delivered us from a dead end and the same God who did it back then will do it again. That’s how we cope; we have to hope that God will come through. You and your prayers are a part of our support system and first responders. God heard and hears your prayers and that’s when deliverance comes. The praise party is going to be lit as everyone celebrates how God came through.

Preached on Sunday, May 17, 2020

Sermon Notes

  • We have to deal with COVID-19 & COVID-45
  • Don't tap out! Turn to God so He will bless you to turn up
  • Trust God! He has resurrection receipts!
  • Trust God's plan when you cannot trace God's hand
  • It's when we are at out breaking point that God breaks in and comes through
  • We should anticipate what God will do because we have seen what God has done
  • Make sure you have a spiritual support system that will help get you through
  • God will raise up the right people at the right time when life goes wrong


Publish Date:

April 23, 2021

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