There They Go, Stirring Up Trouble

Sermon Info

"There They Go Stirring Up Trouble"

Acts 17:1-10 (Holman Christian Standard Bible)

A sermon given in memory of Rev. C. T. Vivian and Congressman John Lewis

Sermon Notes

  • Faith is not just for you to feel good in the moment but for you to do good in a movement
  • There are a lot of Christians who have a "not to be taken from the church" mentality
  • You cannot separate their (C. T. Vivian & John Lewis) social activism from their spiritual anointing
  • A whole lot of us are good but are good for nothing
  • Those who were plugged into the cross made a difference in this world
  • When you are plugged into the power of the cross, God will make sure you are not good for nothing
  • When others reject you, God redirects you
  • When you get into Good Trouble, you get in a collision course with the custodians of the status quo
  • What is your North Star?
  • Jesus' name gives you value
  • Jesus' resurrection is our insurrection against anything that knocks us down or holds us back
  • When you know God for yourself you not in bed with the empire
  • Persevere in spite of!
  • you have a between the lines shout
  • God shows up in the lion's den
  • You may not know how things will turn out but you do know who can turn things out
  • The power of heaven can overcome systems of hell


Publish Date:

April 23, 2021

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