Don't Come For Me, Unless I Send For You

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"Don't Come For Me, Unless I Send For You"

Nehemiah 6:8-9 (The Haynes Remix)

"Then I clapped back, 'I've got time today! That's a bald-headed lie that you just made up in your twisted mind.' They were all trying to intimated us. They assumed they could break us down and we would give up the work, demoralized, discouraged and defeated. But I prayed,'Give me strength.'"

Sermon Date: August 9, 2020

Sermon Notes

- POC use words for weapons for our freedom
- Do you have enough self-pride to say that your community does not deserve to live in brokeness
- We are living in a time that is right for reconstruction
- There is always a White-lash when there is perceived Black progress
- There are folk that will hate your Black skin but will take your green money
- We bring receipts when we bring the whole truth and nothing but the truth
- We aren’t going back to what was
- We are pressing towards the mark of a new Jerusalem
- Some people profit off our brokeness
- Don’t tell us how to bleed when you have done the cutting with your knife
- When you are dealing with slanderous lies, hang on to liberating truth

- Obama lives in Trump’s head more than Obama lives in his own house
- Some people lie on you because your truth intimidates them
- They are comfortable with your dysfunction because they can’t handle your development
- Quit expecting people to tell you the truth when they live their lives lying to themselves
- We are empowered for our purpose in spite of being tired and broken down
- You come with batteries included. You have power from the inside that will help you with battles on the outside


Publish Date:

April 23, 2021

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