Justice Ministry

A ministry that fights for justice through public policy, protesting and advocacy for the underserved.

About Us

The liberation of Black and brown people is located in the Church. The 21st Century Church should return, remember, and renew its commitment to its roots (born during enslavement) as a life giving, liberating, and identity shaping institution. We believe #blacklivesmatter! To that end, the Justice Community seeks to prepare THE CHURCH and community to create an economically and politically vibrant community rooted in an African centered social, cultural, and spiritual context. We engage in advocacy, action, activism, and training to impact public policy and build a justice movement to ensure our churches and communities remain places where justice, peace, love, and liberation can be lived out.  

The Justice Community is committed to creating “communities of opportunities” by partnering with churches, community organizations, the business community, the academy, city, state, and federal government, and citizens to build sustainable communities. Moreover, the Justice Community is intentional about amplifying the voices of marginalized peoples both nationally and internationally through purpose-driven activism to ensure full Human Rights.

We have a very active ministry. You can connect to the following: voter engagement, gender justice, economic justice, environmental justice, legal services, civic engagement, and food justice. There are also opportunities to assist with planning and implementing special justice events and initiatives. The ministry is also committed to the spiritual formation of its ministry members. We provide pathways to strengthen our spiritual practices and fortify our faith.

How to join

There are two ways to connect to the ministry 1) Upon completion of New Members Orientation, you will be contacted by a Justice Ministry Partner to walk you through the process of joining the ministry. 2)You can also join by going to friendshipwest.org/justice and complete the signup form. You will be contacted by a Justice Ministry Partner. Meeting: 1st Saturday of the month 8:45-9:45


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