New Members Education

New Members Education teaches orientation and onboarding classes for new members.

About Us

New Members Education teaches orientation and onboarding classes for new members. These sessions help New Members to take the next steps for discipleship, to comprehend our culture, and to begin to connect authentically to the beloved community.

As a ministry our mission is to educate believers on the basics of Christianity, empower them to continue in Spiritual Growth and encourage them to become active in ministry after discovering their God-given Spiritual Gifts.

The New Members Orientation class is mandatory and is a requirement for involvement in Friendship West Church's servant communities. These classes are an introductory progression for new believers and review for those who are joining us with Christian experience. You are not here by accident but by Divine arrangement.

Internally we meet once a month for about 1 to 1 1/2 hours to discuss any church announcements, needed updates, events and discussion upcoming classes.

Externally, at this time the New Members Orientation classes are set up on a scheduled bases, with a total of four sessions. The classes will include a video that has to be reviewed, and objections that are to be completed before the next class.

We understand that it requires you to make a sacrifice and commitment to develop spiritually. We are committed to ensuring that you are edified, and God is glorified during your spiritual growth journey. We look forward with anticipation to the things that you will accomplish in ministry for God’s glory after completing the orientation class.

How to join

1. The new members must complete the new members orientation class. 2. The member will be contacted by our ministry liaison with information on our ministry meeting dates and times and information on how we serve the church in our new members orientation class. 3. The member is trained on how to admin the new members orientation class by attending class and being trained by a seasoned administer until they are ready to handle the class by themselves. 4. The member is also given an opportunity to teach the class, by attending the teacher's certification class which is given through our HTBI classes. Once completed the member will be teach class along with a seasoned teacher; and once comfortable be able to co-teach and then handle a class on their own.


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