Hospitality Ministry

We serve everyone who comes into the facilities of Friendshlp-West during a worship service or an event when we serve. People who serve well with us are energetic, committed, outgoing greeters with excellent interpersonal and customer service skills.

About Us

The biblical command above applies to all Children of God but we especially take it to heart in the Hospitality Ministry Community!  The command is even more powerful when we don’t mistake the English language understanding of this word for the Bible understanding.  In English, hospitality is seen as friendly behavior towards guests or generous reception of visitors.  In Koine Greek, the language of the New Testament, hospitality is the transliterated word philoxenia. This is the combination of these two words, philos (beloved, friendly, dear – think of Philadelphia, City of Brotherly Love) and xenos (stranger, foreigner – think of xenophobia, fear of strangers).  Philoxenia connotes showing such love or friendliness to a stranger that they are treated like family.

Our goal as the Hospitality Community whenever we serve is to not let anyone enter or exit Friendship-West without us showing them the love of the Lord and sharing with them the joy of Jesus!  To do this, we create an atmosphere of fantastic friendliness and hysterical helpfulness for each and every worshiper and guest. We are wonderful welcomers, eager escorts, and super sources of information. We serve on Sundays and special events.

Do you love helping people? Do you enjoy greeting people in a way that makes their day? Are you good at staying alert and at anticipating needs in order to help not only guests but also visitors or strangers to feel love and joy?  Do you have great customer service and interpersonal skills? Then what are you waiting for? Come join us because it sounds like you would be great at serving with the Hospitality Ministry Community!

How to join

Email, complete our ministry training, participate in ministry meetings (10 a.m. on 3rd Saturdays)


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