First Friends

About Us

First Friends call & contact New Members to connect them to the life and culture of Friendship-West. First Friends are people people who enjoy meeting and getting to know new people. They also enjoy serving new people with a spirit of helps and hospitality. By doing this, First Friends help to fulfill the portion of our church vision statement that talks about creating Beloved Community.  

First Friends welcome New Members into the faith family that is Friendship-West Baptist Church, by actively connecting New Members to their first beloved community group, by providing resources and information to help New Members enter into the culture and the life of Friendship-West, and by helping to navigate New Members successfully through the New Member Orientation process.

The original First Friend was Sister Hattie Gildon.  First Friends started when Friendship-West Baptist Church was in the A-frame facility on 7505 South Polk Street in Dallas, Texas. The First Friends Ministry Community has changed and adapted as the times and the needs of New Members have changed.  Through it all, First Friends continues to be one of the longest-serving ministries at Friendship-West. This is true because we continue to be people who are, in the words of longtime staff member, Sheldon Ellis, serving the Lord in the Spirit of gladness!

How to join

Email the Connection Center at or you may email us at Complete our ministry training.


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