DISCOVER Children's Ministry

DISCOVER Children's Ministry serves children 5th grade & under along with their parents.

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About Us

DISCOVER Children ministers to children birth to 5th grade.  We also minister to the parents of children and those who serve in the ministry.

DISCOVER offers ministry activities to assist in the spiritual foundation setting of children that will lead them in knowing and believing they are Game Changers and Champions for Christ.  The ministry host Children's Worship Service  on 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Sundays.  We have three program areas that focus on Children's Worship Experience- Early Childhood Center, Primary Children's Church, and Intermediate Children's Church.  DISCOVER also host ministry experiences through our Parents Division to partner with parents in the development of their children.  Our Parent division host workshops and facilitate The Baby Dedication Classes and Ceremony.  The Project Division of DISCOVER plans and implements the large scale events for the kids which includes a Birthday Party for Jesus, Hallelujah Outing, Resurrection Production, and other large scale events.  

DISCOVER also partners with our Fine Arts Ministries of the church to offer children opportunities to serve via Praise Dance, Children's Choir, and Drama. Make a choice today to be a part of a ministry that leads children to Christ.

How to join

To join DISCOVER, please take the following steps: 1. Email sharing you are interested in joining the ministry. Please include your name, email address, and phone number. 2. A representative from DISCOVER's Personnel Division will reach out to you to get you signed up for the New Servant Orientation. 3. During Orientation information will be shared about the ministry's operations. You will also select the area you would like to serve in and complete your background check. 4. After completion of orientation and a cleared background check, you will be assigned two observation sessions before being released to serve.


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