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If you are currently not a member of FWBC- we will get you connected to our New member's onboarding team. If you are currently a FWBC member, you can reach out to our Ministry Match Center by email at to learn about the opportunities to support and serve others in the connection center!

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Congratulations! You've come connect to the life and movement called Friendship-West through our ministry communities! Welcome!

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Take your next steps now for living more on purpose! Email with your questions or comments.

We help members of Friendship-West to connect with their purpose and to experience the blessings and benefits of serving effectively in ministry communities​.

Our Ministry Liaisons support FWBC members by connecting them to ministry communities and helping them to have a successful ongoing serving relationship, where they are spiritually connected, active and growing.​  We strive to connect the passion and purposes of persons to opportunities where they can use their spiritual gifts, heart, abilities, personality, and experiences in service that blesses the person and blesses the ministry community! ​You can find out more by taking our Spiritual Gift Questionnaire or checking out some of our Ministry Communities here.

How to join

If you are interested in joining the Connection Center in this exciting and important ministry work, please email to learn more about the opportunities to support and serve others in the Connection Center!


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