ARJ Seniors Ministry

Our seniors ministry serves those in our congregation and around DFW who are 55 and over.

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About Us

ARJ is a community designed to minister to members of the FWBC congregation who are in the age group of 55 and older. The ministry was first launched in September 2002. The name Annette Reid-Jordan (ARJ) was chosen to honor the memory of our Senior Pastor Dr. Fredrick Douglas Haynes III grandmother whom he affectionately called "Sweetie". During its existence, ARJ has sponsored Bridging the Gap which was designed to bring together the senior adults and the youth of our church. The Annette Reid-Jordan has always been very creative and try to use experience and desire to be supportive to our church and community. We not only support our youth and church, but the outside community as well. Visits to our sick and shut-in and neighboring nursing homes is a weekly endeavor.  

Monthly Bible Study and Sunday Worship is probably our most important time together as a community. We know that we have to study God's Word to be effective in the world today. The Annette Reid-Jordan Community try to set the example and meet the needs of those who are younger in spirit. Our main goal is to strengthen the body of Christ, not only for others but our immediate families as well. Everyday we pray, and try to live by our scripture based text (Titus 2:1-8)

How to join

Please email your Name, Address, Phone Number, Church Affiliation and Special Interests.


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