Virtual Legal Clinic

If you're in need of legal help, please join our Virtual Legal Clinic every 3rd Wednesday each month!

Jun 19
Jun 19
Time of event

5:00 pm


Pastor Danielle Ayers

The Dallas Volunteer Attorney Program (DVAP) with the support of Friendship West will offer virtual legal intake clinics every third Wednesday of each month. Legal intake clinics are a pathway for individuals who meet certain financial requirements to receive free legal assistance.

The areas of law that are generally covered include, but are not limited to: family, consumer, housing, individual rights, probate and wills - the clinics do not support criminal cases, tickets or fee generating cases such as personal injury.

During the intake clinic, individuals will have the opportunity to speak with a volunteer attorney responsible only for gathering relevant facts about the individual’s legal matter. After the intake clinic, DVAP works to identify an attorney who agrees to represent the individual for his or her legal matter at no cost.

If this is a resource that you may need, please complete and submit your application onlin by the second Sunday of the month. To get routed to the DVAP Clinic supported by Friendship West, be sure to indicate Friendship West on the DVAP application in the referral section. We look forward to working with you!

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