In 2022, our Friendship-West family will be focusing on "The Revolution." Revolution is defined as a "time/moment of significant change to usher in something new." Our dynamic staff has split up our walk through this year into trimesters with the foci being Spiritual Formation, Self-Empowerment, and Social Witness. It is our hope that you will grow spiritually and personally in order to affect change within yourself and as a result the community and world around you. Please enjoy our recommended reads, music playlists, and journal entries that were curated to assist in your understanding and knowledge of this year's teachings. God Bless!

Spiritual Formation

January - April



Social Witness

September- December

January- "Back To The Basics"

February- "How We Got Over: When Things Fell Apart"

Prayer & Fasting Journal

March - "Leveling The Playing Field"

April - Revolutionary Power

May - Call To Order: Hold Your Head, Guard Your Heart

June - Money Matters: Building Economic Power

July - No Weapon Formed

August - We Got Next

September - Taking Care

October - It's A Love Thing

November- We The People