2021 Frederick Douglass Scholarship

The deadline to apply for the Frederick Douglass Scholarship is Sunday, June 20, 2021! If you are a high school grad, returning college student or graduate student, apply now!

Jun 20
Time of event

11:59 pm


Online Application

2021 Frederick Douglass Scholarship Committee

The Frederick Douglass Scholarship seeks to recognize high school graduates, returning college students, and graduate students. The ideal candidate is one who seeks to embody our church’s justice ethic and missional orientation as demonstrated through faith, personal integrity, community service, and high academic achievement.

How to apply:

1. Complete and submit the application including all extraneous materials (e.g., transcripts) by 11:59 PM CST Sunday, June 20, 2021.
2. Create and submit a thoughtful, innovative, 60-to-90 second video answering this question: “How will you use your voice to fight for a just future?”
3. If selected, submit a letter of thanks to the 2021 Frederick Douglass Scholarship Committee of Friendship West

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